Who we are


Henri Leleu MD, PhD

Head modeling, Managing Partner

Henri is one the best French expert in disease modeling. Physician, mathematician with a PhD in economics, he build original models for clients around the world.


Martin Blachier MD, MPH

Managing Partner

Martin is a former HAS analyst. He also worked for the pricing committee. He is one of the top expert in French market access.


Marc Massetti PharmD, MSc

Head Market Access & Value

Marc has a important experience of the CEESP. He has submitted more than 15 dossiers with a success rate > 90%.


Alexandre Vimont PhD

Head Statistics and SNDS data

Alexandre is a top expert of the National French Health Insurance data. He also have an international experience in outcomes research.  


Yann Le Goff MS

Head Strategy and Care Pathways

Yann has more than 10 years of experience in the areas of strategy, organization, optimization of care pathways, management and animation of boards and conferences. He supports our clients in defining and implementing strategies at all stages of the product cycle.