Our services


The assessment done by the CEESP can be key in the price negotiation. The commission is particularly attentive to the methodology and the sensitivity analyses conducted.  You need an experimented modelling team that is able to produce all new analyses in a short delay. 

We did not have any major reservation from the commission in the last 3 years.

Transparency dossier

The transparency commission opinion is key in P&R process. The commission has its own specific criteria for determining the target population, the best comparator and the ASMR. Each of these 3 elements will be key in the subsequent price negotiation. 

We have a success rate > 85% ==> ASMR 3 or higher for innovative products.

Avoid any blockage

What can you do to avoid blockages with the referencing of your product ? You can build a specific tool to demonstrate the value of your product for improving  the quality of care and anticipate the financial impact for the hospital. Building a constructive dialogue with the hospital  governance based on quantitative estimates is the best way to open the doors.  

Regional access

Hospitals and regional health agencies need to understand the impact that your product will have on healthcare organization and finances. We build adapted tools to prepare constructive discussions with them.

Choosing the best medical strategy

How to choose the best treatment sequence in multiple myeloma ? What was the real impact of the arrival of new DAA in HCV treatments ?  What was the impact of new treatments of CF patients in the graft needs ? How to adapt the screening strategy of prostate cancer with the arrivals of new MRI techniques ?

It is nearly impossible to answer these questions without a smart modeling of the medical problematic.

Predicting the medical impact

The arrival of a new therapeutic option can have an extensive impact on all the disease management and healthcare organisation. Physicians need to well understand all these impacts. With smart disease modeling studies, we help physician to better understand the future with this new solution. 

Our expertise


Disease modeling

We made original models in diabetes, cancer, rare diseases, inflammatory diseases, vaccines, heart diseases, stroke, blood diseases and infectious diseases (HCV, HIV, antibiotics...).

Health economics

We have the unique French team that can build and develop a model from the conception to the submission. We build model for international headquarter all around the world. We are the main partner of French Cancer Institute for modeling.

Market Access

We have an extensive experience in market access. Founders came from the French HTA bodies and from the pricing committee. We know how they understand the value and how to achieve to the best deal for the pharma companies.  

French Health Insurance data 

We have a high expertise in the access and the analysis of these data. We are one of the official partner of the National Health Insurance for the exploitation of these data.